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The flexibility of video conference meetings

Today's videoconferencing products and services allow you to hold many types of conference meeting situations including Videoconferencing room rental in Dubai to fit your own particular requirement. You can video link up with 1-4 different locations anywhere in the world using just one standard TV monitor and multi-point meeting system.

Financial savings of Videoconferencing services

Videoconferencing is not a replacement for every meeting. By installing videoconferencing you then have the choice which meeting you physically attend, or hold over a live video link. By substituting 35% of your physical meetings with video meetings you will immediately recoup the cost of the equipment installed at three independant locations.

Videoconference meetings will have an instant impact on your bottom line, saving your company considerable costs, time and stress caused by the over congested roads and infrequent public transport, which over the next five years is predicted to increase by 20%. The increase in your productivity, becuase of the time saved, will allow more funds to invest in your employees or business expansion.

In addition, videoconferencing is a vital daily business tool. It can form an integral part of your company's disaster contingency plan, allowing your business to continue functioning even in crisis situations. You can still communicate with your prospects & clients, retaingin your advantage over your competitors.

Portable video conference units

Video Connections has several portable videoconferencing demonstration facilities. We can set up a live video demonstration at your offices within five minutes. All you need is either one / two ISDN2 128kps telephone lines or IP bandwith at 256kps.

We constantly upgrade to the latest Videoconferencing services and products

Video Connections International FZ LLC constantly reviews and tests all new Videoconferencing services, products and software updates that come onto the market from all major video conference manufacturers including Polycom, Tandberg, Sony, Motion Media and Crestron.

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