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Video Conferencing room hire and videoconferencing room or meeting hire in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah and Al Ain.

Video Connections Dubai office
Video Connections International Dubai - UAE Video Conferencing Office

Video Connections International FZ LLC are a leading UAE, UK/ European independent and impartial dedicated provider, maintainer and trainer of all models and manufacturers of videoconferencing equipment and support services.

Video Connections International FZ LLC recently celebrated its 8th anniversary in it's UAE Dubai office. Video Connections International provides the highest level of consultancy and support service from its offices in the UK and the UAE on all Polycom and Sony video conferencing equipment and support services.

The Dubai - UAE office has recently signed its 2600th client that has chosen Video Connections International to implement, train on its recommended Polycom or Sony videoconferencing solution.

Video Connections Dubai office

As shown above,Video Connections International Dubai UAE office is fully equipped with the latest Polycom VSX 7000e video conferencing rack based system, together with lap top / image & document sharing interface and a 42’’ XGA Plasma screen as shown on a static Axia Unicol stand and class shelf.

Video Connections Dubai office

In addition, the Dubai office also now covers videoconferencing requirements for clients across the Middle East and other Gulf States including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Sharjah and Al Ain in the UAE. In addition to Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan and Kuwait, supplying a full comprehensive range of all current and future video conferencing equipment to both small, medium and large sized companies in the area.

Furthermore, Video Connections will also be able to design and install video conference facilities into large meeting rooms where the requirement is for a fully bespoke furnished video and audio conference suite together with requirements for other audio and video bolt on products such as plasma screens, projectors AMX or Creston control units fully integrated together with the latest Polycom and Sony videoconferencing equipment and maintenance support services.

Video Connections International FZ LLC across the UAE and Middle East has over the past 4 years established a diverse and dynamic customer base following successful implementation of Polycom Video Conferencing systems in Dubai, Abu Dhabi , Sharjah, Al Ain and other UAE Emirates. Video Connections have also successfully implemented Sony Video Conferencing systems in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman and Al Ain. In addition Video Connections has also been awarded many prestigious Video Conferencing projects in Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Iran and other Middle Eastern countries, supplying a combination of high quality Polycom and Sony Video Conferencing systems together with Pioneer XGA quality 43’’ and 50’’ plasma screens and Unicol support stands with associated AV equipment to compliment Video Conferencing solutions.

Video Connections across the UAE has recently exhibited at all the Middle East exhibitions, which as a result has led to a significant demand for Polycom Video Conferencing systems across the UAE and in particular Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With most interest coming from educational establishments, legal, banking and finance establishments across the UAE.

Video Connections has been featured in many newspaper articles e.g. Gulf News, Khaleej Tines and often appears on local and national Radio stations across the UAE and Middle East. Please visit our home page, top right hand corner, for more information’’ on video conferencing UAE and Dubai press releases.

At a time when business and construction is booming in the Middle East region, with increased volume of traffic and pollution video conferencing has never been in such demand. Do not let your competitors have an edge on you – use video conferencing and reduce time travelling, eliminate those traffic delays and increase productivity. Video Connections provides an entire package of face-to-face meeting solutions to suit your video conferring needs.

Video Connections are dedicated video conferencing providers in the vertical industries of; legal, accountancy, banking, construction and petrochemical / aluminium industries across the world. Video Connections only use their own employed and accredited qualified engineers to install and train on all video conferencing hire systems. Unlike many of its overseas competitors who ‘out source’ their installs and training to third party suppliers.

Roger Paine (Group Managing Director) and his comprehensive Polycom videoconferencing IT team are also well-known and respected experts in audio and visual integration and implementation in the UAE. Video Connections qualified Polycom & Sony CVE certified CCNA Cisco engineers provide 24/7 support on all Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE Polycom video conferencing support and products software updates. Roger is also a well-known figure in the British Business Group (BBG) across the UAE. In addition, the existing worldwide dedicated video and audio help desk, a market-leading feature of Video Connections, has recently been enlarged to handle all current and future customers in the UAE and Middle East.

Managing Director and founder of Video Connections International FZ LLC Roger Paine comments ‘video conferencing equipment either Polycom or Sony is a fantastic alternative to actual physical travel, broadcast sound and vision meetings at your fingertips without the hassle, risk and time lost or associated through conventional travel’. Video conferencing has revolutionised Roger’s own hectic and demanding work schedule.

Furthermore, Video Connections has demonstrated many times, beyond any financial doubt, that installing video conferencing will not only dramatically reduce existing travel and expenditure but free up enormous amounts of currently lost unproductive travel time and increase individual’s productivity across a company in some cases by 100%. See the Financial Savings page on this www site.

Individuals can now video link between one and six independent locations across the world using just one display device to fit the size of the meeting room. Video conferencing services all business criteria, whether meetings are arranged to share power point presentations, or medical experts need to review complex x-ray results, all document sharing is conducted in "real live time."

Video Conferencing Room Hires Dubai & Abu Dhabi UAE

Video Connections video conferencing room hire is available from our Dubai office in the UAE and only a short distance from Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Video Connections is able to organise Video Conferencing room hires on a worldwide basis to any major town or city around the globe. This new product offering is available to anyone; either large organisations or for an individual who requires to interview prospective clients, be interviewed themselves, give evidence in court, meet with suppliers etc the list of reasons to use videoconferencing increases daily. All that is required is the persons post or zip code where you wish to link up to and Video Connections will then arrange the worldwide or UAE videoconferencing room hire for you on an hourly basis.

Video Connections Dubai office

Unicol Middle East Distributor

Video Connections are the sole UAE distributor for Unicol products who are the world leaders in the design and manufacture of mounting solutions for audio visual and video equipment. Unicol have an impressive range of Plasma, TV & LCD mounts, stand and trolleys, other screen and projector mounts either ceiling mounted or wall mounted, anti theft enclosures plus various trolleys and components. Unicol products are a perfect stand for any plasma or LCD display unit and can also accommodate either a Polycom or Sony video conferencing solution. Please see Unicol product page for further information.

The latest video conferencing hire products:

Roger Paine goes on to extol, ‘it is the only business to business daily communication tool that pays for itself the day you switch it on, and then makes a profit thereafter’. The resistance to installing video conferencing is not based on sound financial savings but more of a ‘we have always done it this way’. You can telephone for a no obligation demonstration or alternatively fill in the demo form on the dedicated page on the www site and we will do the rest.

Video Connections holds video conferencing demonstration days every Tuesday from 11am to 2pm UAE times. Anyone is welcome to experience live 'Point to Point' and Multi Point videoconferencing links

Dubai Office Contact Details:

Video Connections International (FZ LLC)

Mobile: +971 50 8270333

Contact: Herbert Paine- Group Sales Director

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