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Video Connections International FZ LLC is a dedicated provider of worldwide video conferencing room hires. Video Connections International FZ LLC from its offices based in Dubai UAE provides video conferencing rooms for hire or rental across the UAE or the world.

Teleconferencing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi has increased dramatically over the past 3 months due to the financial crises affecting all Worldwide businesses. Video conferencing or conference calling in Dubai is the most effective way of holding face to face meetings and reducing carbon footprint both in the UAE and on a worldwide basis. Video conferencing room rentals and video conferencing room hires in Dubai are provided by Video Connections International FZ LLC using Life -size and Polycom video conferencing products in the UAE. In addition conference calling in Dubai by Video Connections can also be provided in Abu Dhabi and other UAE Emirates. Videoconferencing Dubai or teleconferencing Dubai is charged by the hour.

Video Connections International FZ LLC in Dubai – UAE and also in the UK-Hartpury- Gloucestershire provides video conferencing services for rent in Dubai- UAE, or in Gloucester England and across the UK.

You can rent our dedicated video conferencing room in Dubai Internet City, which has an executive office fitted with the latest Polycom & LifeSize video conferencing equipment, or you can rent a VC system for the day installed in your offices in the UAE or across the UK of course subject to connectivity either by in the UAE multiple BRI 128kps ISDN lines or a dedicated lease line.

Our dedicated UK video conferencing room rental in Gloucester is again the latest Polycom and LifeSize video conferencing system ideal for interviews or attending Court hearings by video link.

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Video Connections can arrange video conferencing room hires UAE or videoconferencing room rental in every major worldwide town or city, with access to over 10,000 video conferencing room bureaus around the Middle East. The videoconferencing room hire booking service is easy to use just complete the form below, allowing 48 hours notice and email to the video conferencing room hire request centre. We will respond by email within 24 hours. All we need to know is: the city or town, with post or zip code, the person attending with a contact telephone number. If you do not have your own video conferencing equipment we can find a facility to hire near you and provide both rooms for hire – near and far end locations.

One of our knowledgeable booking coordinators will discuss your video conference requirements, confirming all details and any extra special requirements. No need to waste time checking availability, prices and technical issues - we do all that for a single booking fee.

At Video Connections International FZ LLC we’re changing the way people meet face to face and interact, making the video conferencing room hire experience so effortless and natural you can travel the world and be home for dinner. Voices, viewpoints and expressions are all true-to-life. See the whole picture. Get the whole picture. Speak and be understood. It’s the experience that will move you.

Video Connections delivers a fast and superior quality, high definition videoconference service using either IP or ISDN networks. If you don’t have an ISDN facility but only use IP we can also arrange a videoconferencing bridgeing service allowing you to dial over ISDN to an IP address. Our video conferencing systems were created specifically for the human experience, meeting without moving holding or conducting interviews with candidates across the world at a touch of a button.

Video Connections International FZ LLC based in Dubai UAE can also supply you Polycom, Sony or Codian video conferencing equipment and support services across the UAE and Middle East.
Let Video Connections arrange your own web conferencing UAE requirements by arranging a video conference room hire wherever you require to any location on around the world, either as a point-to-point video conference (i.e. to one other conferencing destination) or multi-point (with more than one destination), depending on your requirements.

Video conferencing or as previously know teleconferencing in Dubai can be your first step to meet face to face or virtual meetings using the latest video and audio conferencing Life Size or Polycom videoconferencing products in the UAE or Worldwide. In Dubai you can conference call or conduct your job interview by using videoconferencing instead of travelling to any worldwide destination.

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