Polycom V500

Video Connections International FZ LLC – UK Office and FZLLC in Dubai UAE are delighted to offer a simple and affordable video calling for small businesses, remote offices and telecommuters who need to talk face-to-face.

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The Polycom V500 provides the new video user a simple and affordable video calling solution that allows them to easily talk face to face anytime. The V500 delivers natural, smooth motion video and crystal-clear audio in a convenient and compact design—ready to plug into a standard NTSC or PAL display and any broadband connection. Ideal for the office environment and smaller conference room within a small enterprise, it is also suitable for a telecommuter operating from their home office and ready to hold a face to face meeting over their high speed broadband connection.

For the first time simple, affordable, video calling is now available with unparalleled audio and video quality. As easy to use as your television, the Polycom V500 brings the benefit of video conferencing to everyone. Together with its superior audio and video performance, the Polycom V500 is affordable and supports industry standards so you can call anyone, anywhere. The Polycom V500 is light, portable and easy to install and configure for your office.

With the Polycom V500:
  • Small businesses can communicate easily with corporate clients around the world.
  • Executives and corporate telecommuters can make calls from their home office to colleagues.
  • Remote offices can participate face-to-face with their office locations around the world.
  • Doctors can make lab, doctor to doctor, and doctor to patient call.
  • Teachers can host remote field trips or offer classes to satellite schools in rural locations.
No need to add a computer to video call over the internet—simply plug the Polycom V500 into your television and your high speed internet connection and start calling. Within seconds you are talking face to face as naturally as if you're in the same room.


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