Polycom PVX PC Based Video Conferencing Solution

Video Connections International FZ LLC are delighted to announce the availability of the Polycom PVX software. The premier Polycom video conferencing experience to every desktop and delivers unprecedented technology and performance.

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Introducing leadership audio and video algorithms and enhanced collaboration features including high resolution XGA content sharing and embedded AES security, the Polycom PVX software application delivers power and performance never before available in desktop video conferencing.

Working in conjunction with your PC and USB camera, the Polycom PVX software application is ideal for remote offices, work-from-home employees, traveling professionals and remote health or education applications that demand the highest conferencing and collaboration performance.

Polycom PVX brings unprecedented video conferencing technology to your desktop PC with the first software application ever offered by the industry leader. Utilizing the industry’s highest quality audio/video algorithms, Polycom PVX is the only PC application to offer both secure communications and People+Content. The application supports most standard Webcams, thereby eliminating the need for a separate video camera and reducing clutter in your workspace. And when used in conjunction with your laptop and portable USB camera, Polycom PVX provides the ultimate in portability.

Polycom PVX Benefits and Features

Unparalleled Audio - crisp, crystal clear and easy listening with Polycom Siren 14

Exceptional Video - advanced video quality from H.264 compression provides natural, high quality video, even at low data rates.

Rich Collaboration - send and receive high-resolution XGA content while simultaneously sharing video.

Security - embedded AES encryption ensures secure calling for voice, video and content.

Innovative Ease of Use - graphical user interface supports 11 languages and allows users to be up and running quickly and simply configure their system to match individual needs.

Flexibility - works in conjunction with your PC and USB camera for desktop conferencing at home, in the office or on the road.


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