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Polycom Judicial Cart
Polycom Judicial Wall Unit
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Easily controlled, secure, cost-effective solution for judicial, legal, and penal applications.

With today's greater emphasis on security, video conferencing is now an essential tool in judicial, legal, and penal environments. In addition, it saves time and money by bringing the courtroom to the inmate, instead of the other way around. However, not just any video conferencing solution will do. Polycom's Judicial VSX Collaboration Systems are specifically designed for the unique requirements of these applications.

Increases communication while reducing costs

Polycom's Judicial VSX Collaboration Systems support one-to-one and one-to-many communication in courtrooms, offices, conference rooms, prisons, visitation centres and other meeting areas. By providing everything from enhanced audio to a removable work surface, it offers a more efficient way to enable greater communication while decreasing travel time, security risks, and transportation costs. To begin with, the Judicial Collaboration Systems eliminate the need for hundreds of daily trips between court locations and correction facilities. In prisons, the system can be made available to prisoners and their attorneys, so they can confer and appear before the court via video. It also allows parole boards to include victims in hearings. Additionally, the Judicial Collaboration Systems help reduce congestion in holding cells and in the courthouse.

Applications that go beyond the obvious
· Aside from judicial, legal, and penal applications, the Judicial VSX Collaboration Systems can also be effectively used for the following:
· Video conferencing hearings from or to the Courts
· Video-enabled courtroom presentations such as expert witnesses statements by video conferencing
· Remote testimony by specialists, inmates, and officers from videoconferencing rooms around the world easy to rent from Polycom videoconferencing Dubai via Video Connections International FZ LLC UAE or Polycom UK via Video Connections International FZ LLC UK Office in the UK
· Psychiatric evaluations and consultations
· Rehabilitative distance learning programs
· Meetings between inmates and legal counsel or government representatives
· Judicial consideration of appeals and visitation
· Accelerates judicial process by eliminating logistical barriers of time and distance

Easy to use and maintain
Includes removable, lockable side panels for ease of access
Built to withstand tough treatment

Polycom Judicial Cart
30” w x 62.5” h x 30” d (77cm x 159cm x 77cm) Removable work surface
30” w x 18” d (77cm x 46cm)
Weight 325 lbs. (150kg)

Polycom Judicial Wall Unit
24” w x 24” h x 10” d (61cm x 61cm x 25cm)
Weight 80lbs. (36 kg)


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