Video Conferencing Hire and Meetings
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With ever increasing congestion and train delays in London, the south east of England and Gloucestershire video conferencing is fast becoming an essential form of communication. Video Connections (International) offer the latest range of video conferencing hire facilities, which are available in London, the South East and throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East for video meetings.

Our portable "virtual office" units can be hired on an daily or hourly basis. We offer competitive rates and a very real solution to travel and congestion problems in London and the South east of England. Click here to request a quotation.

The company uses the latest video conferencing technology which, once installed, couldn't be simpler to use. Our products produce broadcast quality visuals and sound, and, since Video Connections offer a tailor made leasing package to meet your company's requirements, this technology can be at your fingertips at a very competitive price.



Video conferencing hire saves time and money. Video Connections provide instant business to business communication with our "virtual office" video conferencing system.

Individuals can now video link between one and six independent locations across the world using just one display device to fit the size of the meeting room, he said, adding that video conferencing services all business criteria, whether meetings are arranged to share power point presentations, or medical experts need to review complex x-ray results, all document sharing is conducted in "real live time."

Reduce travel times to and from London to zero

The list below shows the estimated travel times by car to central London from all major towns and cities in the south east of England. These times do not take into account delays due to congestion, road works, and other traffic hold-ups which have become the norm in and around central London.

      Milton Keynes to London = 1 hour 10 mins
      Cambridge to London = 1 hour 30 mins
      Ipswitch to London = 2 hours
      Oxford to London = 1 hour 40 mins
      Newbury to London = 1 hour 30 mins
      Reading to London = 1 hour 5 mins
      Basingstoke to London = 1 hour 15 mins
      Portsmouth to London = 1 hour 45 mins
      Brighton to London = 1 hour 25 mins
      Guildford to London = 1 hour 10 mins
      Chelmsford to London = 1 hour 10 mins
      Croyden to London = 55 mins

The Virtual Video Conference Office

Video Connections (International) provide inexpensive alternatives to actual physical meetings.  We offer practical and innovative solutions to the ongoing issues of reducing daily meeting costs and work-related stress problems associated with constant transport delays in and around central London, as well as solutions for congestion charging in London and the new flexible employment law legislation.

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