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A passion for broadcasting and a genuine desire to transform company business meeting practices are the driving forces behind a new company in the field of video conferencing.

Video Connections International FZ LLC has been created by Roger Paine a former broadcaster and director of many business to business organisations specialising in communication.

The company will be offering alternatives to actual physical meetings providing practical and innovative solutions to the ongoing issues of reducing daily meeting costs and work-related stress problems associated with constant transport delays, congestion charging in London and the new flexible employment law legislation. Video conferencing provides virtual office meetings and overcomes the impracticalities of physical meetings.

Video Connections News


In the eighties, video was the latest hi-tech invention to enter our homes and well-known radio host of the time, Roger Paine, was playing the hits on his daily breakfast show on Capital Radio in Abu Dhabi and Radio Luxembourg. The Buggles hit 'Video Killed the Radio Star' may have been about video, but the idea of using it for business was still at least a decade away, and for Roger, business deals with major UAE companies couldn't have been further from his mind.

Now as owner and Managing Director of market leading video conferencing company, Video Connections International FZ LLC , Roger Paine has found that he can combine his latest passion for video broadcasting while rediscovering his love of radio presenting. Frequent travel to the UAE to secure significant contracts for his business has resulted in a weekly return to the microphone for Roger on the UAE's only national FM radio station Emirates Radio 2, 'The Better Mix', 99.3 and 106FM.

Roger Paine's company, Video Connections International FZ LLC has become one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, currently reporting 300% increases in revenue month-on-month. With concerns over business travel fuelled by global disease, war and terrorism, increased travel delays and cancellations, the company is securing global contracts to provide videoconferencing for some of the World's largest corporations and governing bodies.

Operating from headquarters in the UK and a state-of-the-art office in the heart of the UAE @ Dubai Internet City, Video Connections has recently won numerous contracts in the UAE. One new client in Dubai marketing company, Face 2 Face, can now add the video conferencing application to the company's title i.e. 'Face 2 Face', with offices in Dubai and Jeddah, Face 2 Face has also found it indispensable for maintaining 'eye' contact with one of its own major clients who also use video conferencing.

With British Airways suspended to Jeddah video conferencing is providing the only means for client and supplier to communicate and share work face to face. Other major companies in the UAE such as Clyde and Co, British University in Dubai and engineering firm MJB have also signed up with Video Connections in the last six months..

Reinforcing the video/radio bond and also operating from the office at Internet City, Dubai is Paine's colleague and co-presenter on Emirates Radio 2, Steve Colman. He originally encountered the successful formula of Video Connections when it was featured by CNN anchor man, Richard Quest, during a report in Dubai on the difficulties surrounding business travel last year.

"It was easy to see the potential of videoconferencing not only for business but also within the broadcasting world," explained Steve Colman. "We are regularly offered interviews with the stars and sometimes the telephone interview can be a little stilted as you cannot achieve that important face to face contact. When we had the opportunity to interview Grammy award winner Norah Jones, I just knew it was the perfect tool for the job.

"I can see this type of format increasingly utilised. When working with our concert promoters the opportunity to use video conferencing for an interview with a major star on the other side of the World is an added incentive for them to work with us. It provides the perfect forum for press conferences in the region with international stars giving journalists the opportunity to ask questions directly to them on screen. The possibilities are endless and I love the technology which gives me the chance to talk to someone face to face anywhere in the World."

Roger Paine commented: "The worldwide travel crisis facing companies with international interests has forced many organisations to review their perceptions, and often their prejudices about video conferencing.
"Often considered as a complex and expensive technology, companies of all sizes are now discovering, through necessity and survival, that in fact, today's video conferencing equipment is very cost-effective, simple to install and as easy to use as a telephone."

"The variety of market sectors now approaching us as well as the endorsement of the technology by embassies and consulates is reinforcing the view that video conferencing equipment is becoming every bit as indispensable as the telephone, fax or email."

Roger's involvement with broadcasting is clearly set to continue well into the rest of this decade and beyond - video looks set to keep the radio star going for a while yet.

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