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Figures show 24% increase as businesses seek alternatives to physical meetings

U.A.E. June – September 11 changed the world in many ways including stopping people from catching planes. Companies started to take advantage of a safe and less tiring alternative, videoconferencing, one of the fastest growing industries in the world. According to an international survey it is estimated that the average revenue on worldwide videoconferencing will go from $500 million in 2005 to some $8 billion by 2008 in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and America.

Roger Paine, Managing Director of Video Connections International FZ LLC is ensuring that the Middle East and in particular the U.A.E. is a part of that growth with a boom in the local videoconferencing sector.

“ Dubai is experiencing augmentation in every sense of the word and peoples attitudes to business change along with that. Time is money and every paid hour that an employee spends in an unproductive all to frequent traffic jam, accident, or delayed international travel comes straight off the bottom line of the business, with cancelled or delayed ‘face to face’ meetings becoming the worst offender.”

Paine added, “ Videoconferencing removes the stress of how long each person spends travelling to meetings both locally and globally. Many of the worlds leading international brands are setting up in Dubai, and with the opening of the Dubai International Financial Centre scheduled for September, just like the fax machine quickly became a standard feature of every office, you can expect to see video-conferencing systems become an essential and common part of the office set up and furniture”.

Video Connections International FZLLC specialises in all leading manufacturing video conferencing products, and proving to small, medium and large organisations portable video conferencing hire units. In addition, Video Connections also carry out detailed video conferencing user training and Video Connections International also provide professional consultancy advice on the latest video conferencing technology, together with a fully operational 24/7 video and audio help desk.

Video Connections International client list across the Region includes major international law practices, education establishments and a vast number of the worlds leading banking and accountancy firms.


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