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The average worker spends around 7.8 working days a year stuck in congestion whilst commuting to work, according to the latest Barclaycard Travel in Business Survey.

These delays cost businesses an estimated £1.93billion a year, wastes valuable time and raises employee stress levels, which according to the HSE report is estimated to cost employers an additional £353 million in stress related absences.

However, through utilising the latest technology in video and audio conferencing equipment, Video Connections International can now offer your company the chance to see and talk to people around the world without having to waste time and energy commuting to meetings.

Started earlier this year by Roger Paine, a former broadcaster and director for various companies within the communications industry, Video Connections draws on its founder's years of experience of conferencing technology, to provide companies around the world with easy to use equipment and readily available help and support.

The company uses the latest technology which, once installed, couldn't be simpler to use. Products produce broadcast quality visuals and sound, and, since Video Connections offer a tailor made leasing package to meet your company's requirements, this technology can be at your fingertips at a very competitive price.

The company also offer their clients comprehensive training in video meetings, allowing them to use the technology to it's full potential. There is also a Video Connections 24 hour help desk, where customers can get advice anytime of the day or night.

The technology and support provided by Video Connections International FZ LLC can save your company two of the most precious commodities in business, time and money. To find out more about Video Conferencing International Ltd and how they could help you, contact them on 01452 700 908.


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