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A very important question that is either not understood or not explained correctly is that surrounding the main two connectivity options available for videoconferencing in the UAE. These being IP- VOIP or ISDN.

The most important part of deploying video conferencing in the UAE is determining how you intend to connect the offices together, for either videoconferencing hire services in Dubai, or Polycom or LifeSize video conferencing equipment in the UAE.

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The are two forms of connecting videoconferencing systems in the UAE - IP and ISDN.

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‘’The Myths Vs The Reality’’ -UAE IP Connectivity

IP or VOIP services in the UAE are currently illegal / banned by Etisalat who are the main telecoms regulatory body. However, there are two methods still available to achieve VOIP or IP video conferencing services in the UAE.

1. Establish a dedicated VPN-(Virtual Private IP Network) between your offices, by purchasing dedicated lease lines from Du or Etisalat. These lines are expensive and the bandwidth on these leased lines must be ‘’fully symmetrical’’, the same ‘’up and down link’’ to achieve HD or High Definition Video Conferencing. In the UAE you must allocate 1-meg of totally dedicated bandwidth along with a static IP address to achieve High Definition videoconferencing in the UAE.

2. You can however run effective video conferencing interviews or video conferencing meetings in Dubai or Abu Dhabi by limiting your Polycom or LifeSize video conferencing system to bandwidth speeds of between 128kps to 384kps, these are then not high definition video calls. Again this bandwidth via your VPN must be totally dedicated and ‘’fully symmetrical’’, same ‘’up and down bandwidth’’. Both options 1& 2 on IP must also allocate a Static IP address to each location. Then one location simply dials the others IP address to connect using IP video conferencing in Dubai.

UAE ISDN Connectivity

The vast majority of video conferencing connectivity in the UAE is currently implemented by using multiple basic rate 128kps International ISDN telephone lines.

Each 128KPS BRI- ISDN line must be terminated directly into either the central comms room, or the selected conferencing room on to NT-1 modem box. These BRI- ISDN lines then if installed in the central comms room need to be patched through to the conference room onto the equal number of RJ-45 sockets: ISDN Install procedure is:

1. Install 4 x 12kps BRI ISDN lines =512kps of bandwidth onto 4 X RJ-45 sockets and 1 additional socket for IP video conferencing usage when legalised in the UAE.

2.There are call charges using ISDN lines. The install cost of each 128kps BRI- ISDN line is circa 200 AED and the rental per 128kps line is per quarter 25 AED.

UAE IP & ISDN Connectivity in the Same Video Conferencing Call.

You can carry out multi point video conferencing services using both connectivity methods these being, IP and ISDN. The above is solely reliant on you having the correct video conferencing equipment and software in order to carry out an IP video conferencing call to one location, providing it’s the same calling protocol i.e. IP as well using a VPN to achieve this.

In addition, again providing you have multiple ISDN installed both location you can call in the same video call an ISDN based video system using the main ISDN number so the call would be IP to IP and then ISDN to ISDN.

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