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Video conferencing provides an inexpensive alternative to physical office meetings. Video Connections provide video conferencing solutions, services, savings & the support for all your virtual office needs.

Video Connections International FZ LLC specialise in video conferencing services, video conference products and portable conference units as well providing unit hire and video conference room hire and supplying equipment. Video Connections provide professional advice, all the latest video conferencing technology and video conferencing facilities in Dubai and the UK, full support and service, for all your business needs and locations.

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Video Connections International are the UAE premier providers of videoconferencing facilities in Dubai. We provide video conferencing room rental in Dubai - JLT and our Dubai video conferencing room is fully equipped with IP video conferencing in Dubai and IP video conferencing in the UAE. IP videoconferencing in Dubai is only available from Video Connections dedicated video conferencing room rental in Dubai based in JLT. We now also offer Skype videoconferencing in Dubai and Cisco teleconferencing in Dubai.

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Our Clients ‘Cash & Time’ Savings

By using video conferencing at very small utilisation/replacement for existing internal meetings and training courses, video conferencing will provide your company with large cash returns over a typical business month, and a huge profit centre over a typical financial year, the more you use video conferencing instead of conventional travel to attend meetings, the greater the savings for your company in terms of cash and time.

Video Connections is totally independent and prides itself on only recommending the equipment that is exact and most beneficial to specific business requirements. The group's engineers are all trained to the level of Polycon CVE and Cisco CCNA manufacturer qualified to the highest level, and pride themselves on working closely alongside the relevant company IT Managers for thorough implementations detailed use of training. Video Connections aims to provide instant business benefits with increased productivity and reduced operation costs.

The most valuable benefit stated by our key clients (lawyers & accountants) is ‘TIME SAVED’. In a 12 month period, the savings, according to one Managing Partner were ‘worth the equivalent of 5 employees annual salaries’.

Don’t take my word for it, you can naturally ask our clients…..after all they should know!

Video conferencing facilities in Dubai
Video conferencing room hire in Dubai
Video conferencing rental in dubai

Video Conferencing Product Suppliers

Based in Gloucestershire, we supply Video Conference equipment to the UK and UAE supplying the lastest Polycom and Sony equipment as well as information and room hire. The videoconferencing room hire Dubai location is based in Internet City, which is located next to both Knowledge Village and Dubai Media City, all three business free zones are very close to each other in terms of location.

Videoconferencing facilities in Dubai
Videoconferencing room hire in Dubai
Videoconferencing rental in dubai

UAE Video Conferencing Connectivity - IP or ISDN

When connecting video conferencing in the UAE is IP or ISDN best
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IP Videoconferencing In the UAE

IP videoconferencing in Dubai

Video Conferencing Services in Dubai

Videoconferencing Rental Facilities in Abu Dhabi
Videoconferencing Rental Facilities in Dubai

Polycom Videoconferencing Products and Services in Abu Dhabi
Polycom Videoconferencing Products and Services in Dubai

LifeSize Videoconferencing Products and Services in Abu Dhabi
LifeSize Videoconferencing Products and Services in Dubai

Crestron Products and Services in Abu Dhabi
Crestron Products and Services in Dubai

Unicol Products and Services in Abu Dhabi
Unicol Products and Services in Dubai

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